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NFN supporting Spay Oklahoma since 2005


Neighbor for Neighbor was happy to support and donate space to Spay Oklahoma at no charge since 2005. They are moving to a bigger facility so we must say goodbye after over 15 years of supporting our four legged friends!




Please find SPAY OK @

227 E Apache St. Tulsa, OK 74106

OU Hip Clinic


NFN has a long history of being an effective organization. It was established in 1966 when Fr. Dan Allen

and several area churches, businesses and concerned citizens banded together to provide food and other

basic services for the poor. In 1968, NFN opened in a small stone house and incorporated as an Oklahoma

Non Profit. In 1971, NFN became a 501(c) (3) tax exempt entity and has remained such since that date.

During the last four decades, NFN provided an avenue for neighbors to demonstrate “Faith by Actions”.  NFN is privately funded and is not a Government or United Way Agency. Each year, NFN provides thousands

of services worth millions of dollars for people in Tulsa and surrounding areas. NFN is intentionally located where the need is the greatest so that it can best help the poor that are often without transportation. Many dedicated volunteers provide over a million dollars of annual in-kind donations.

In 2004, NFN purchased the Northland Center and built out a 40,000 sf. space for its programs. The remaining 60,000 sf. of space is rented or available for rent in an attempt to promote economic development in this area. After moving to the new facility, NFN needed to restructure its programs in order to properly manage the larger organization. This process allowed NFN to grow from Dan Allen’s sincere humble beginnings into a larger and more defined operation which continues to honor his vision of helping people reach their potential. NFN has been blessed to provide so many services, plus add new programs in order to help more people with a hand up toward a better life.


Daniel Richard Allen was assigned as pastor at St Jude's parish in Tulsa in 1966. Initially, he worked with 3 other Catholic churches to address the problems of social injustice and racial tensions in Tulsa. This team of Catholic churches worked with 24 area churches and congregations to respond to the poverty in Tulsa by providing food and other basic services. 


From this effort a core group of 15 people including Dan Allen laid the foundation for a program focused on the injustices they found from a political perspective and the physical needs of the poor. His work with this group led to his founding of Neighbor for Neighbor as a private, nonprofit corporation in 1968. 


Dan Allen lived the Word as he understood it and his work with the poor was a direct result of that understanding. The symbol in the Neighbor for Neighbor logo is a result of his beliefs. It represents the Eucharist and his interpretation of its meaning for "the many" as represented by the hungry and disadvantaged. Despite his strong religious ties, Dan resigned from the priesthood in 1973 to focus all of his attention on the work of Neighbor for Neighbor. He made being an advocate for the poor his life's work and continued serving in this manner until his death in November of 1995. 


The organization under Dan's leadership made a significant difference in the lives of those on the north side of Tulsa. Legal Aid of Eastern Oklahoma, the Tulsa magnet school system, water and sewer services for poor communities such as Mohawk Heights, and the Tulsa Community Food Bank are all legacies of Neighbor for Neighbor's first 20 years under Dan Allen. Many of the projects of Neighbor for Neighbor involved helping the poor learn to become self-sufficient which was Dan's vision for the agency. Its innovative programs have served as a model to similar organizations and have brought both regional and national attention to Neighbor for Neighbor over the years.


NFN Responds to the 2020-2021 COVID-19 Pandemic 


One of NFN’s strengths is its flexibility to help clients during a variety of crises. This year has required NFN to face a new anomaly, the COVID-19 pandemic. 


During this crisis, NFN provided emergency essential services in addition to its regular services:


Mental Health: Phone counseling for fear & violence; created by the pandemic.  

Utility Assistance: “Cares Act Rental Assist Program”: Services provided @ NFN campus & online.

Year to date NFN has been able to help 4,499 individuals. The majority of people affected are women, children, elderly & handicapped.

Rental Assistance: “Cares Act Rental Assist Program”: Services provided @ NFN campus & online.

Year to date NFN has been able to help 231 Families with Rental Assistance. The majority affected are women & children.

Emergency Legal guardianships: Guardianships have been in great demand, due to illness, death and violence as a result of the Covid- 19 pandemic.  

Food: Food home delivery, prioritizing the elderly, children & handicapped. NFN is also dispensing extra food & toilet paper by way of, walk-up & drive-thru. 


NFN’s additional services have included providing: Medical equipment, medications, gloves, masks, and sanitizer as well as: basic necessities such as clothing, blankets, toilet paper, hygiene kits, bus tokens, work boots, job referrals, furniture & household goods.  

NFN continues to adapt to provide services to help meet each client’s individual needs.



They were there when I needed help! Nice folks working there!

Dalton Mcglaughlin - 2020

The lawyer was very helpful in helping us to get a guardianship and the lady at the front window was polite and helpful also. Thank you!

Mikel Revels - 2020

"They are always welcoming and assist you in every way."

Christine Hines

May 2017

"I love this place! Even though it's only 9 dollars worth of food, it's more then I've had in my fridge & I'm so grateful for the help & skills class to better everyone! The help every month is always a blessing😄🌈💝"

Jamie Carr

March 2017

"When I need assistance, they are always there and never look at anyone being any way judgemental. Some places that help with our needs look at us like we are beneath the surface of there boots."

Kelly Hamblen

February 2017

"NFN has provided goods, services & hope to people for so many years. God bless them to continue until Jesus comes!"

Joyce Goodrum

June 2016

History & Partnering 

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