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Our Services

In order to satisfy its mission, NFN’s ten programs provide thousands of services for the indigent, low income and uninsured population each year.


NFN services are two fold: 

  • Survival---for people who need basic services to survive-- such as food, shelter & acute medical care.

  • Guidance---for people who want to press forward to a better life.

Neighbor for Neighbor's Ten Programs

Life Skills

Provides life skills classes and individual coaching. Classes address issues such as nutrition, cooking, budgeting, business ettiquette, addiction, anger management and productive communication. Special classes have been added to help prevent medical problems or deal with current community issues. Interview, Work clothes and Job listings are also provided and discussed.

Family Assistance/ Emergency Assistance

Provides bus tokens, utility

bills assistance, work boots & uniforms, and other basic services. Fundamental budgeting advice, job listings and referrals are also available. We also offer a variety of individual services

based on client’s unique needs.

Legal Clinic

Serves our clients by drafting legal documents which help families

and children with emergency needs as well as providing relief for clients oppressed by deceptive financial schemes.

Optical Clinic

Provides eye exams, eye glasses for adults and children. NFN

also provides referrals for substantial eye issues when required.


Provides prescription screening and prescriptions. NFN provides

prescriptions from our shelves and vouchers for outside purchases. NFN also works with pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers that often provide free medications. NFN does not assist with narcotics, psychiatric drugs or select expensive


Food Pantry

Supplements monthly food supply for low-income or disadvantaged families, with an emphasis on healthy foods. The Pantry is a store type setting where clients can pick what they need for their individual family.  NFN continues to stand in the gap for many people who don’t have access to adequate food for their family. NFN also offers nutrition education in its Life Skills Program.

Community Projects

Distributes books, clothing and household items. There is a

Community Children’s Holiday Party offered each December with family entertainment and portraits plus gifts for the children.

Dental Clinic 

Provides acute and restorative services. NFN provides emergency

extractions, restorative services, oral surgery, dentures, cleanings and children’s dental. An emphasis is placed on dental education.

Free Clinic

Provides acute and systemic care that patients would not be able to receive otherwise.

NFN also partnered with OU to develop the OU Medical Clinic next door.

Circle Housing Program

A basic program that provides home ownership for low income families. and  home repairs for the elderly or disabled that own their own home.

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